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Well, what a year this has been! Just like most of you, I am excited with the hope that we can get back to some normality.

I have been poorly this week, which as the owner of HV panic sets in as I have no time to be poorly.
Although this is a small business, it is 7 days and 7 nights a week, all of the time.

I had to take a few days of bed rest and actually, it gave me some time for reflection. It has made me feel grateful and actually, emotional at Home Vanity and what WE have created.

Now, ideally, I would have loved to do this blog as a video (I think the younger generations call it vlog or something like that) however, with this abscess I might scare you all off with my lovely swollen face.

Just into the start of 2020, I had a successful business and I absolutely loved it. Until the dreaded C word came and like many, my business collapsed.

Alongside my business I was a rep for a company, selling homeware on the side in my own time and just for fun.

Losing my business made me decide to start Home Vanity and turn what I enjoyed as fun, into more full time, and with it being my own I had full control over the products I could bring to customers, the quality, and to enjoy running as business as I always had.

I didn't do a business plan, goals, or have any expectations, which is not how I have ever started a business.

That's the boring part over with and now I want to share the beauty that has been created in Home Vanity and to show how you as a customer have played a huge part in that and how I have never felt so lucky to have such an incredible team with me.

The only thought I have when I started was marketing! This is crucial to every business.
I knew I didn't want to spend my money on ads and I definitely did not want to line the pockets of Zuckerberg anymore.

So as I had once been a customer rep for a company, a few lovely ladies joined me and did the same for Home Vanity.
I knew this was the only way I wanted to grow the company. It makes us be able to provide a personal shopping experience for most of our customers.

So if you have bought from Home Vanity you will most likely know one of the team well. Maybe you follow them on social media, or you are part of their group that they have created?

Fast forward a year now and we have a team of around 100 customer service reps, of which around 50 have been with us since the start and they are the core team.

Lovely people like Michelle, Marieanne, Charlotte, Viviana, Amy, Lisa, Nicky, Carol, Sarah, Charmaine, Diane to name just a few.

These people all joined for different reasons, some were on maternity leave, some had been furloughed or lost their job.

So from myself and my incredible team, we want to thank you for your support you have shown a small business the last year, either as a customer, or supporting them on social media or enjoying their groups and the content.

I know as shops have started to open again, we are all excited to be able to go into a shop and buy what we want and have a mooch. I would just love to ask that you still think of us, as you know we are here all of the time, every day and every evening and this will continue as it always has. The personal touch and experience will be the same and we will continue to keep bringing new quality items.

I cannot do this post without also thanking the team for the amazing service that they have shown their customers, every single day.

Business aside, what we have built in a time where loneliness and isolation has been felt by so many in the past year, we have built connections.

The groups that you have built for your customers, give people a place to come together and have fun, chat, and get to know people.

As a team, we have never met in person due to Covid and that we are based all over the UK. This has not stopped us each day, chatting, helping and supporting each other, celebrating together as people have become grandparents, had birthdays, moved house, had their children starting school, etc also on the tougher times, if people have been poorly or had difficulties.

So thank you for your custom this past year, we want you to have an incredible summer and be able to enjoy this again with your friends and family.

We would love you all to continue to be customers of Home Vanity because this means the world to us and you are not just a customer that checks out and goes unnoticed. You are the support that keeps small businesses going!


Leanne and the amazing Home Vanity Team x

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