190cm Artificial Fan Palm Tree - Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor

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Our artificial plants are extremely realistic and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

  • Comes with a plastic pot that is filled with concrete to ensure it is stable. 
  • 15 extendable leaves on each tree
  • The leaves all have wire so that you can create the right shape that you would like for your tree.
  • Highly detailed leaves, that also show the veins running through. 
  • The post has a black textured surface over the cement, to add a realistic effect. 

 If used outdoors we recommend this plant is placed in a sheltered area and protected from extreme conditions such as strong winds or frost as persistent exposure could lead to their foliage being damaged.

Any artificial plants used outdoors should be in an area with sufficient ventilation to allow them to dry out.

To insert the leaves you must find the holders that are located within the brown fibre then carefully insert the stems.

Measurements: W100cm x D100cm x H190cm.

The base diameter is 16cm.

The pot width is 17 cm.

The largest leaf is 35x35cm.

This height is 160cm to the top of the brown husk including the pot.

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